7 Signs Your Guy Friend Is Romantically Interested In You

It’s something that happens quite often to fall in love with your guy friend. After all, that’s someone you know very well already, and you like each other a lot already… but could you really love each other? 


How does your guy friend behave when he falls in love with you?

From the moment he feels something towards you that is more than just friendly, you’ll find changes in his actions towards you. Some of the strongest relationships first began with becoming friends, and when your partner is also your mate, it’s perfect. Yet, you must wonder, is this going to destroy your friendship?

Two possibilities exist. It will either turn into a good friendship, or after it doesn’t work out, you will have trouble going back to being friends.

So, here are 7 signs which indicates that your guy friend is romantically interested in you!


#1. He is quite protective & possessive about you

They see her as a helpless girl in need of their support, and they have to step up and be a strong, big guy.

It may seem dumb, but it’s in their nature, so it’s pretty obvious that if your friend does whatever it takes to show you his protective side, he’s got feelings for you.

#2. People think you guys are dating each other!

We are often so caught up in our own emotions and world views that we miss important signs. But our friends are there who surround us. They are there to witness the things we don’t look at. They recognise the things you miss to notice. Have you ever received compliments like—you guys make a lovely couple? They are then able to see the passion that is between the two of you.

 #3. He is keenly interested in everything you have to say.

So, one of the secret signs that he is romantically interested in you is, he will keenly listen to everything you’ve gotta say. He seems to be interested in every little thing you have to say, no matter what it’s about.

Even if you talk about some girl problems like clothes or make-up, he will be all ears and he never looks around or glances at his phone while you’re talking to him.This is a guy who knows the value of listening to you, and that’s a sign that he’s a keeper!

This guy is never tired of finding out more about you, even though you have been friends for a while. This shows he is keenly interested in you and finds you amazing.

#4.  Your guy friend opens up himself in front of you.

This guy is not going to be afraid of revealing his vulnerable side and opening up to you completely, and this means you have a special place in his heart. He also wants to find out your views on certain topics and likes to talk with you about them.

What is really going on is that he’s trying to figure out if you’re sufficiently compatible.
So, if this man opens his soul to you, it’s because you’re more than just his mate. He trusts your view, so he’ll be happy to hear any advice and guidance that you may have for him.

#5. He remembers every minute thing about you.

Usually, guys are not like that, but if he remembers every detail about you, he certainly cares deeply for you. You’re important to him, so whatever matters to you also matters to him.

Don’t be shocked if he knows more than you do about you, or if he recalls something you discussed casually a long time ago.

#6. Your guy friend treats you differently than that of his other friends.

You are special to him, even though you two share a lot of time with other friends as well. Are you the first guy he calls? Does he want to sit next to you at all times? Do you feel like he speaks to you as he talks to everybody?

Your opinion is more important to him than that of anyone else, and you get his extra attention.

#7. You just feel it!

You don’t know exactly why you think you care about your mate, but you just do. This, my friend, is where your gut talks to you. And listening to it is hugely important while dating and in general life.

If things in your relationship sound different, that is possibly because they are. What you need to do about it is find out what you want to do.

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