Falling In Love With Your Guy Best Friend

Most girls have a guy best friend, a guy they can count on for absolutely everything!There is a reason why this individual is your best friend.And there is a reason why you are so important to this person. A best friend could even become more than that sometimes.

You gain a lot as you begin to fall in love with your guy best friend and start dating.

A protector, undeniable confidence, and a feverish commitment to make your relationship work. Yet you lose a lot, too, and you learn a lot.

Teasing from your friends never stop when you date your guy best friend

When you’re best friends with someone, you guys are very close to each other, obviously. With that person, you share a bond that not many get to have. You guys are most likely to hang out a lot and are still seen together. When you guys surround yourself with the same group of friends and inside the circle of friends, the teasing happens!

Thoughts surround you everytime

In your mind, the thoughts of being with your best friend begin to take on a little more reality. Even if you were in a relationship with someone, this could happen. But when you’re both single, these kinds of thoughts become more noticeable and happen more often. The hard part is that you can not just quit feeling the way you do.

Having Sex With Your Guy Best Friend Will be Funny at First

You probably never thought you would be doing this with each other after sharing so many stories about sexual experiences you had with other people. But you’re relaxed enough to laugh at the fact that, yes, now it’s going to happen. And it feels pretty crazy. But a few times after you’re intimate, the giggling will subside, the romance will kick in, and the sex will actually be pretty darn sweet.

What if?

Is the chance really worth taking? This something that you just need to ask yourself and give yourself enough time to think about because this is no average person we’re dealing with. That’s your best friend, your better half, your criminal partner. Is it really worth risking the deep and distinctive relationship you guys have just to see what’s beyond the “what if” that’s going on?

Choose your decision wisely

If you chose not to move, just bear in mind that you are both in a very good position. Don’t jump into it and make any drastic decisions without careful consideration because if this person really is worth it, then they’re worth the wait. Nothing wonderful really comes easily. This is just one of those things that make life so lovely.

You are not going to stop making fun of each other

It’s not going to stop now if you’ve always made fun of his fascination with that one childish video game. The only difference is that the teasing will possibly end with a kiss on the forehead instead of a playful punch in the arm.

You would never want your guy best friend to get hurt

Even if you didn’t have to ask, we all have that best friend who has always been there for you. You take him for granted at social functions, where he fills in for your date who couldn’t make it. He goes, just happy to be there with you. You, too blind to know that he’s perfect for you. He’s always just there, in the background, while you unceasingly deny that he may have feelings for you.


Final thoughts

You want to jump into all of these fresh emotions at a time when you want to rush into everything. Yet you know that there’s no need to rush because, like he always has, he’ll be around for a while, and there’s time to explore, to learn, to enjoy.


This feeling of confidence and comfort is there. He was, and continues to be, your best friend. You’re not treating him like your boyfriend, you’re treating him like your best friend, because that’s what he’s always going to be.

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