Have You Given Them Too Many Chances?

Everyone deserves a second chance. And the third and the fourth… no one ever said that. Yet, we were all in a position where we gave someone several chances than we should have. If it’s because you can’t believe that it’s completely over or he tries to persuade you somehow that next time things are going to be different. You’re just holding the inevitable out.

No one can predict the future. So you have to base your choices on your instincts and what you already know.

Do a favour to yourself and stop giving him the benefit of the doubt, otherwise you’ll be disappointed with the chances.Once again.

He never changes himself!

He continues to come back pledging to improve as it is nothing more than being able to utter the words and making the promises. But does he know that words without behaviour to back them up mean nothing? If he’s never done the job before, what makes you think this time he’s going to do it?

You’re just wasting your time by giving him too many chances

It takes a lot of time and energy to deal with a rocky relationship. You could spend time and energy on something more positive, such as watching binge TV shows, reading the pile of books you’ve been neglecting, and networking with individuals who can help you build the career you want.

Women will often resolve her logic with intense chemistry, allowing her to forgive and take back a guy who continues to do the same things that annoy her or possibly inflict physical pain. This chemistry is like an addictive drug; without it, she can’t work. If you know you will never be satisfied in the long run, is intense chemistry always worth bringing a guy back again and again?

They think they are always right!

And when it is clear that they are, toxic individuals can never accept that they are wrong. They rarely, (if ever) consider that something hurtful has been messed up or said.

They always victimize themselves

Toxic, violent individuals are fond of playing the victim. This could take the form of accusing and making excuses for someone else. The mindset of victims is a way of escaping accountability. The victim is free of all liability for the consequences of their acts if anything negative is the fault of anyone else.


He never takes you seriously, So stop giving him further chances

If you give him ultimatums constantly and go back on them, then you just aren’t any better than he is. Nothing you say really means something, because the next time you dump him, you can’t expect him to believe you.

Wanting the happily-ever after so badly that we can taste it like a piece of chocolate melting on our tongue can make us throw out all sense of reasoning-making us do crazy things-like giving a guy way too many opportunities when he doesn’t value us or the relationship obviously. Do we really want to be with a man who can easily neglect our feelings and how we are influenced by his actions?

Growing stronger

We were wounded, and because of it, we are stronger. We’re sort of like warriors when it comes to passion. We know that we are walking into a war and we embrace that outright. We don’t mind.

To us, it’s worth everything. All the threats, the wounds, are worth it because we continue to grow stronger, we continue to adapt so that we are increasingly ready to meet our own.


Removing toxic individuals out of your life can be one of the most difficult things you can do. It is also, though, one of the most healing and inspiring things that you will ever do.

Toxic people will try to take away your self-worth, so don’t allow them in your life. Cutting out toxic people from your life sends an important message to yourself.


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