Inside a Woman’s mind- Women psychology

Understanding women psychology is very important to understand her deeply.

Basically, there’s not much differences between men and women. It varies person to person but there are some psychology differences that are applicable to all the women as a whole.

For instance, it is claimed that some characteristics of female psychology emerge to comply with the given social order defined by men and not necessarily because it is the nature of their gender or psychology.

So, here are some key points to understand women psychology.


  • Never make them feel sedated, try to understand them and recognise that women want to feel connected.

For instance, if you come from office all drained  and exhausted from a long day, try to talk politely. And never misbehave them just because you had a tiring day. Just think about how much work your partner does.

  • Allow the women around you to speak up their fears and ultimately support them and appreciate their efforts to face difficult times.

    Women usually feel empowered by their significant relationships. So your caring attitude will contribute to your partner’s success in attaining her goals.
    She doesn’t need you to solve her problems, she just wants you to listen to her.

  • To understand women psychology you need to understand that communication is a process.

You can’t just take her for granted after talking to her only for a few times. You need to first gradually become friends with her to know more about her. It is a process.

  • Never make fun of any women regarding their body size and shape and skin colour.

Remember that every shade is beautiful and every size is worth flaunting for. Make them feel beautiful and never embarrass them based on these criterias. 

  • Men can have the feeling that women are mind readers or psychics. But women’s intuition is likely more biological than mystical.

It’s almost true that women have a sixth sense working a bit more fast than men. They can sense things or maybe they get a different vibe about someone or something and that’s actually correct most of the time. No, this is not overthinking. It’s because of their intuition they can sense things.

  • Women respond to pain and anxiety differently.

Brain imaging studies have shown that male and female brains respond differently to depression. And women tend to be more sensitive of the two. Hence, women suffer from anxiety and depression more than men.

  • Women hate conflicts but lack of response even more.

The flood of chemicals that takes over the female brain during a conflict especially within an intimate relationship is almost on the same order as a seizure.

Studies have shown that women’s brain tends to get shrink during pregnancy. It becomes about 4-percent smaller by the time she delivers.

  • Women tend to avoid aggression.

Stressful situations are known to spur the fight response in men, but researchers have found women “after sensing a threat” instinctually try to “befriend”. That is, they skirt physical responses in favour of forming strategic, even manipulative alliances.

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