Is it Love Or Something Else?

Human feelings are very complicated. They can totally confuse us at times, particularly in relationships.

How do you know if you love someone? A number of feelings towards someone can be felt, and they can differ all the time, so you can’t really be sure what’s going on. When you experience mixed bodily and emotional signals, what to do?

Is it desire or love?

A tonne of other thoughts can be misinterpreted with love.

Ways to find out if you truly love someone or not:-

You wanna know everything about him

Even if it’s just a tiny fact, you enjoy finding out something about him that you didn’t know before. What you really want to know is what his favourite colour is, what his behaviours are, how he responds to some things, etc.

You want to fully understand him, and you want to know all his secrets.

Thinking about him all the time

It’s one of the most clear indicators that you really love him if you find yourself daydreaming about spending time with him or if you constantly feel the need to talk to him.

Because you think of him, you can’t concentrate on other things. Thoughts about him just pop up out of nowhere in your mind, and you want to spend time with him rather than doing anything else. You secretly hope you’re going to see him at a random place.

You take care of your looks more than ever

When you simply do all you can to enhance your looks because of that guy, it is easy to know if you love someone. Of course, you should always take care of yourself, but if you want to impress and keep someone interested, that habit always increases. You want to look better because you feel that someone perfect deserves it.

 Imagining your future with him because you’re madly in love with him.

You can’t imagine a situation where, without him, you will be happy. Although you know that without him, you can live and be successful, you don’t want to find anyone else but him. You adjust your life goals so that they can match him. How do you know that someone loves you? Only ask yourself if you’re going to have a kid with him. If the answer is yes, then you’re sure you love him.

Things that you normally hate seem all right, and even enjoyable.

Riding a roller coaster that you’re afraid of? Okay, as long as your hand is held and they promise not to laugh at how you scream. To do laundry? Totally okay, as long as they stick with you, too.

When you’re around them, you feel comfortable.

This feeling is difficult to define, but it really is the best thing in the world. Like there can be nothing bad.

 Becoming extra-caring for him

You cherish him in every way when you love a man. Probably, you would only care about yourself and your needs if it were lust or something else, not thinking about him in any way, if you catch yourself that his needs are even more important than yours. Be sure you love him. Thinking of our own needs is in our essence, and if there’s that special person you’d do anything for, you love him.


Love is gorgeous, isn’t it? It’s a powerful feeling, and it’s not as normal as people believe it to be. If you have found yourself in any of the above-described circumstances or emotions, you don’t have to ask yourself if you’re in love with anyone anymore.

Love is about mutual respect and caring, and in a good way, it always changes you as a person. In our lives, we all need love, because it is truly subjective.


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