Is Your Man Really Mr.Right? Here’s How You Can Know!

It can be difficult to say after a series of bad relationships when you’ve actually met a decent man or you can say Mr.Right.

You may wonder what to look for, whether you believe in only one Mr.Right who is meant for you or just want to make sure you find someone who is good and caring.

Well, I have some items that you can check for, none of which include how he handles animals or his work. But if he ticks each one off, he’s a keeper.

You talk to each other politely

How are you listening to each other? With compassion and support, openness and integrity, is that gentle? Or is it hard, cracking, cynical, secretive, frustrated? Teasing sarcasm has its place, and it can be truly made into an art form by some couples. But there’s a big difference between being mean to each other and teasing sarcasm.

That can be a big red flag if he doesn’t speak kindly to you. You can discuss why if you can’t speak kindly to him.

He’s making an effort

Nothing is more annoying than dating someone who regularly cancels dates for you. Or who never schedules a date until the last minute. Unless anyone who never calls you or responds to your texts is dating.

An effort is made by Mr.Right. Maybe he’ll be busy, maybe he’ll work long, hard hours, but he’ll find time to send you a call, text you, and see you.

He’s going to arrange thoughtful dates that show you that he paid attention to things you said. He may not get it right, particularly as you get to know each other, but you’re going to be able to tell him that he’s doing his best.

You trust him

It’s not first on the list, but the most important thing might be faith. Trust has so many facets to it. There’s trust in him not to hurt you physically, not to cheat on you, not to lie and conceal your stuff, and to be there to help and love you.

If you have a lot of bad relationships where trust was a major issue, this could also be one of the toughest components in finding Mr.Right for you.

You guys want the same thing

You can’t ask your partner to want the very same stuff in everything as you do. It’s important to remember that this is not about anything being in complete agreement. But in a relationship, you should want the same things and have the same general desires for life in general.

With him, you feel free.

If a guy is right for you, you can feel free to be with him in an authentic way. In his presence, you need not think about what you say or do, because you know he’ll embrace you as you are. If you feel like you need to walk around him on eggshells, or you’re constantly second-guessing everything you want to say or do with him, that means you don’t feel free with him.

He always keeps his word

He keeps his word, whether it is a scheduled date or a pledge to note that you are allergic to shellfish. If he says that he’s going to call you at 7 p.m., your phone will ring at 7 p.m. Holding his promise often refers to things that he’s not doing. If it’s watching the movie without you or talking to an old ex, when he decides he’s not going to do anything, he sticks to it.

Is he Mr.Right?

If you believe in a single soulmate who exists for you, or that Mr. Right can be any man with the right attributes, the best starting point is to make sure he follows these basic standards. It’s all about mutual interests, shared beliefs and pure love after that.

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