Once upon a time, love was different…

“Right swipes. Coffee Chats. Flings. Casual “love”. 

Nowadays, our “love” life revolves around these things and more and more people toy with the idea of meeting someone online, conversing with them and then taking it from there. Everyone, in today’s generation have embraced the idea of being with someone they have discovered online and it’s great how we have become more active than possibly any generation before us. The kind of freedom, self awareness, it brings, is truly amazing!

But here we go again, with every development and every window of opportunity … every tinder date.. every handle DM-ed and with every bottle of champagne… do we really end up discovering ourselves and relate to another human being whom we have slight inclination towards?

In a world where breakups are easy and loving is hard, where patience is in dearth and hormones rage, romance sits in the corner somewhere while dating and casual hook ups is for subjective interpretation.

And why not? We all have a very busy schedule and we are the career oriented generation, no one is open to any serious kinda commitments and relationships.

It’s true that we all love the idea of love and not what it really means. And, it’s even true that we want those butterflies in our stomach, that tingling sensation but we don’t want to put in those efforts. For the sake of giving stories on instagram, we’ll post pictures of food but we never bother to learn how to cook. And that’s where all the difference lies!

Now let’s dive into those days when the meaning of the word “love” had a different meaning!

• The kind of luv that makes you wake up every day and smile knowing that you’re still in love. The kind of relationship that doesn’t fade no matter the distance and time apart and the kind of love that’s worth fighting for.

• The kind of luv that is hard and easy all at once. It just needs to be real. The kind of loving someone that is beautiful amidst all the ugliness.

The kind of love that our grandparents used to have. Yes, the classic old fashioned love!

• The kind of luv that almost seeps through every vein of yours. The kind of love that is innocent and gentle.
Yeah, the kind of luv that never stops even after the heart beats stop.

The “Titanic” kinda love. The “Veer-Zaara” kind of love. The “Heer Ranjha” kind of love.

• The kind of love that remains in your heart forever. When they look at you, their smile, their eyes, everything about them stores an image forever in your mind.

• The kind of ❤️ that made you want to walk on the snow and stare right into the sun.

• The kind of love that never dies and still stands afresh even after fifty years.

Nowadays, They tell me loving someone truly is sick and dying and they have replaced it with a new word called “dating”. If you’re in a hurry, you can also go online and find them on apps swiping right on the emptiness within!

It’s amusing, really!

Sex is easy, waiting is desperate, trying is chasing, being sweet is cheesy and chivalry is dead.

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