Self-love Is Not Selfish, It’s a Priority

Self-love is not selfish. It is simply enriched by uptight treatment for others.

It’s a special way of saying, “Hey, first I want to love myself, so I can love you more.” Self-love is a sweet reminder that caring is not confined to partners. And that loving is the fruit of self-respect.

With a well-rested spirit, wearing an attractive outfit and impressing yourself in front of the mirror, self-love is about waking up every morning. It is the routine in which you whisper tirelessly, “How could someone be so perfect?” followed by a smile and appreciation of oneself.

Love should be shared, yes, but in order for it to flourish, nobody ever forbids love to be complemented within oneself.

Self-love is about going to the cinema by yourself.

All that matters is that you’re out there doing the stuff you want to do, with no other incentive but to see a movie.

Without asking someone to compliment you, it is about looking and feeling good. It’s more about telling yourself how wonderful and capable you are!

Self-love is the beautiful bravery recognised as a source of inspiration by others. It’s the never-ending laughter at any dumb and awkward thing. It is this absolute appreciation and bountiful gratitude to everyone. In every downfall, it is the optimistic outlook. And in a once desolate path, the ray of hope.

It’s about purchasing a new pair of shoes on pay day for yourself; it’s about finding the new wardrobe for yourself, only because you feel like buying it.

Self-love is about letting people know your strength, your strength to be able to produce happiness on your own, and the strength to enjoy your own company, and the power to let the world know that you don’t need a partner to buy the things you want.

Self-love is about achieving the hopes that you have for yourself, the ambitions that you can attain, that your lovely personality will never go in vain or perish. It’s about building the self that you lost when you once loved. When the right kind of love makes its way to you, it’s about preparing yourself to be whole and undivided.

Between arrogance and self-love, there is a wide difference.

Arrogance is conveyed by an inflated sense of one’s own meaning. Self-love is untold and intimate. It is within you.

Self-love is not something that you show. On a regular basis, it is something you experience.


Keep in mind, that self-love is not selfish. In order to create the most essential things in life, such as hope, courage, determination and inner strength, we need to apply and reinforce positive thoughts and feelings of our own selves. Loving yourself is absolutely essential because we will never be able to live a life of true happiness until we learn to really love and respect ourselves; mind, body and soul.

Your choices, your virtues, your qualities and shortcomings are simply differentiated. It is about letting other people know that you are still a soul that welcomes business, while you are capable of being on your own.


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