Signs of a Commitment Phobic Man

It can be a nightmare to fall in love with a person with commitment phobia.

People who are commitment phobic, however, are not afraid of committing to activities that do not involve other individuals. Their fear is usually related to making a commitment to another person.

Not every one of the above symptoms has to be shown by a person with commitment phobia, but the more symptoms he or she exhibits, the more likely he or she is to suffer from the disorder.

They’re unpredictable.

You never quite know how your love interest is going to act or what kind of mood they are going to be in. They may be very friendly one day and seem almost average, and they may ignore you entirely the next day. Their actions never stops shocking you.

They’re not quite interested in the relationship

In a lot of cases, this can show up. They may know all of your friends, but never introduce any of their friends to you. They can tell fantastic stories, but they seem less interested in sharing their emotions or everyday life (or yours).

In the near future, you will also note a lack of interest in making any plans that are not.

Commitment phobic individuals are never sure of the time and place

They’re not going to prioritise meeting you, they’re going to fling by your place when they don’t have anything else to do.And if you are loved by a commitment-phobe, they will want to prove that they are not so committed to you that they will not be precise about anything.

They don’t acknowledge your Relationship in front of people

If your partner doesn’t hold hands in public because it’s too ‘cheap’ or won’t tell his/her friends about your relationship because ‘it’s not their issue, you know’.They don’t want others to find out about their relationship because they’re not too positive about it themselves and don’t want to create a picture with anyone else.

They have very few friends, or no friends at all.

Not only romantic relationships, but also friendships are the issue of a person with commitment problems. Since they have a fear of intimacy, they can not sustain long-lasting, deep friendships.

Commitment phobic individuals do not trust easily and are never happy, which most of the time makes them a loner. They may know a lot of individuals, but they have very few to no close friends.

Commitment phobic individuals constantly crave for sexual intimacy

In general, individuals who run away from dedication are very lonely from within because they have never allowed anyone to join their private sphere.

By involving themselves in physical intimacy, they strive to make up for emotional intimacy. They’re great with sex, but they just don’t make love.

They had many Relationships in the past

These individuals are constantly feeling lonely and so continue to jump from one relationship to another. They may have fallen in love too soon.

They are very easily drawn to other individuals, but they lose interest as soon as they get to know them, which is why the commitment-phobic men have a long list of past relationships that they would not even categorise as relationships.

Commitment phobic people are Self-righteous

They can never admit that neither in their past relationships nor in their current relationships will they be at fault. To explain all their acts, they have a didactic personality that they use.

If your partner feels that he/she is always right, a second thought needs to be given to the relationship. They can’t handle criticism of any kind.

Final words

Fear of commitment is a tricky topic. A number of variables can lead to that, and those variables can differ from person to person.

Although commitment problems can make dating more difficult, they do not make it impossible for intimate, long-term relationships. It could just take a little extra time and truthful communication.

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