Signs That You’re Dating A Playboy

He’s too perfect to be actual, and he smells fishy like something. It’s too unrealistic and there’s something about him that doesn’t sit with you right. Could a playboy be dating you?

These days, spotting a playboy has become a herculean task because they have managed to master the art of blending in.

They know how to play you and all that just to add another notch to their belt!On their scoreboard, you’re just going to be another number and nothing more, because that’s just how playboys are. We all hope to change the playboy or change the game. But that’s not really very practical because it’s far less likely that a playboy will leave the field than you will become his prey!

Here are some clear cut signs that show you might be in a relationship with a playboy!


Your Relationship is a secret

In public, he does not consider or acknowledge you. Your relationship is a mystery, more like his filthy laundry, which the public wouldn’t want to dry out. Maybe, he’s dating multiple ladies which you don’t know about. If your partner does something like this, then girl you gotta keep an eye over him!

He just wants to become physical with you

He is too fast to hop with you into bed. He’s still ready for some action and even asks for some of them late at night! He makes you feel less like his girlfriend and more like a booty call. He’ll even force you to have sex with him. Your interest and opinions never matters to him.It is all about sex from the first date to yesterday, rather than other aspects of a serious relationship. It’s never about verbal communication or plans about how more progressive the relationship will become.

You hardly know anything about him

You’re like an open book and he knows everything about you, but you don’t know anything about him, on the other hand. He’s like a puzzle you couldn’t solve. If you’re in a similar situation, then try to have a talk with him regarding his past and stuff.

A Playboy is excellent at seducing

In general, women’s difficulty refused a player’s or a playboy’s position. His cleverness in word processing certainly makes you more blind to recognise his characters’ deeper. In this case, in addressing the compliment and flattery he gave because of the compliment, you are expected to be an intelligent woman and flattery will later trick you.

He’s not interested in you

Your relationship feels rather superficial. He’s not interested in it as much as you are. He doesn’t take much initiative in the relationship or much interest and you don’t go out on dates as normal couples! He does not emotionally open up. It seems like something he’s hiding. He doesn’t even seem real in a relationship or involved in it.

He’s got other mates who are playboys as well

Don’t think that when your guy has friends and friends who are always dreaming about women and hooking up every now and then, you are stuck with a gentleman. Playboys hang around other playboys, period.

He gives no commitment

Nothing is ever assured of something,
He caters to you and he can be nice and charming enough to be there for you. Yet devotion can be as terrifying to him as death is to anyone. With him, nothing is certain.

Final words

It will be something that women who are afraid to be disappointed sometimes do, to be cautious with the seduction of men. There are still many women, however, who melt into flattery and compliments sent by a man. Worse, if you decide to develop a love relationship with him.

The man is a playboy, especially if you decide to establish a love relationship with him, it will be a difficult situation later on.


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