Struggles You Face When You’re The Third Wheel

Oh, the dreaded third wheel. When you decide to tag along with a couple, the uncomfortable, sometimes soul-crushing role you end up in.

Third wheel has the potential to be enjoyable, but more often than not, with every fibre of your being, you end up regretting the outing. Your mind is left to contemplate the god you pissed off badly enough to end up in this hell, while the lovebirds are off in their own universe.

Everyone, except you, are having a gala time.

Hanging out with couples can be nauseating. And you even have thoughts like “why did they ever invite me”. You feel bored and disgusting while they would be having their gala time. You will see your mates, even though you are not, enjoying themselves. Really, when you go with the flow, your opinion ceases to matter.

When they’re affectionate, you do not know exactly where to look.

The one thing that a third wheel is likely to never get used to is that a couple are physically affectionate to each other. Holding hands is fine, but you end up looking away or trying really hard to be interested in any of the random things in your surroundings when excessive hugging and kissing persists.

You, a third wheel, feel alone and waiting every time!

You awkwardly wait around a lot. They show up together when everybody else is in a couple, leave together, and go off to do a couple of things. For couples to show up and take a breath, a third wheel is always waiting.

Unsolicited relationship advice will always be given to you.

Obviously, when it comes to relationships, they’re the experts and you’ve been single for like forever. So, they still give you advice on relationships. You just have to keep your head nodding and want them to stop just because it makes you look like a desperate person waiting for your imaginary boyfriend or girlfriend to become a real person.

You have no one to share your bill with.

Yeah, you need to explain to the waiter or waitress each time you go out that you’re paying your bill separately. This isn’t always a problem, though. You get a free movie ticket or a free dinner with them occasionally. Or, you get to eat the leftover food from them. It’s all up to you now whether you see that as a perk or as a drawback.

You don’t understand their Inside jokes.

Whenever you mention your cat or just random things, why are they laughing at each other? They sometimes have jokes on the inside that you can’t understand. Just the two of them find it interesting, and you are left out trying to pretend that you just don’t mind because your social media pages are too busy surfing. Mastering the art of pretending is your thing right now.

When they start fighting, you, a third wheel, don’t know what to do.

When they start having fights, things tend to get more awkward. They can feel too relaxed for you to witness their fights, so they don’t mind you. When will this be stopped? Now should I just walk out?Well, in this case, you are like a kid watching your parents’ battles.

You blame yourself for failing to say “No.” (Because you are a third wheel)

Eventually, you regret going out with them 99 percent of the time. Then you promise yourself that you’re no longer going to go out with them. But when are you ever going to learn to say no? Often it may feel a little uncomfortable, but you’re still having fun hanging out with them.


You must have been smiling when reading this article if you’re a certified third wheel. You remember, though, that becoming a third wheel is not necessarily a drawback. Literally, it has a lot of perks. You also get to see the dos and don’ts of a partnership, aside from the fact that you get to eat their leftover foods. Once you have your own partner, you’ll take these classes.

Till then, Stay happy, stay single! And, keep third-wheeling.


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