Toxic Behaviours That Push People Away From You

Toxic behaviours can typically lead to harm in relationships, professional success, private well-being, so almost every aspect of our life is affected.

By definition, humans are social beings, so we feel the need to create bonds and relationships. It’s in our nature and it’s an important priority in our daily lives. But occasionally, it seems to go wrong and, in the aftermath, we are left alone to worry about what has happened. And what we should have done differently in order not to lose a certain important person in our lives.

So what are some of the negative and toxic behaviours that are pushing away people?

Jealousy and Envy

These traits make it just as uncomfortable for the person who feels them as those who observe them. It is right to envy or want to have the same possessions, place, characteristics as someone else, but if this inclination becomes all-consuming and determines you to make nasty remarks, gossip, plan, and plot, it will poison your own mind and soul, as well as distance others.

Talking like you are a victim all the time.

Continuous complaining that fuels your sense of victimisation are another toxic behaviours.

Believing that you’re a victim, that you have no power to exercise and no power over your life’s course, is a toxic position that keeps you trapped.You will find that you are more strong than you were if you stop complaining and continue to see yourself as a helpless victim, but only if you want to embrace this fact.


When they ruminate and talk incessantly about the horrible things that might happen and have occurred. The scorns they have endured, and the unfairness of life. It is very difficult to be around individuals who struggle to let go of negativity. Such individuals stubbornly fail to see the bright side of life. And the positive lessons from what is going on.

Giving trivial assumptions about others is hence one of the worst toxic behaviours.

Do not always judge a person by what they’re showing you. Know, what you’ve seen is always just what the person has chosen to show you, or what they have been inspired to illustrate on the basis of their inner stress and pain. Alas, it is typically because they suffer deep inside themselves when another person wants to make you suffer in some small way.

Cruelty and lack of compassion

The complete lack of empathy, care or compassion towards others results is one of the most toxic behaviours.

Online and in the newspapers, we see it every day-people are devastatingly unkind and hurtful to others only because they can. In a cowardly way, they break people down online, using their privacy as a shield.

Cruelty, backstabbing, and hurting someone is toxic for every cause, and it also hurts you. Stop in your tracks if you find yourself backstabbing and tearing someone else down. Dig deep to find your heart’s love. And remember we’re all united in this.

Always craving for perfection

Humans are not flawless. They are bound to make mistakes and that is precisely what makes people special. As a learning experience, they are capable of utilising mistakes. It is unfair to expect excellence from others. Because you yourself have no means of ensuring that everything you do is flawless.

It is impossible to strive for perfection. But to aim for excellence in all aspects will provide a life of fulfilment.


Know, you are not alone if you can relate to any of these toxic habits. We all have dysfunctional personalities hidden deep inside of us that often have the power to creep up on us.

The trick is understanding, as mentioned above, identifying these habits and stopping them in their tracks.

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