What Women Want From Men In Their lives?

From the very first smolderingly hot glance and the stirring desire that the right woman will create in a man from the beginning of a relationship, how men recognise and reacts to the emotions of a woman will decide everything in the rest of his life.

His overall income, social standing,vitality and motivation for life.Resilience,mental and physical health, how well he copes with stress. His satisfaction at home and at work,self-confidence, his friendships, relationship with his children. How his children turn out, and how long he will live, will be decided by how a man understands and reacts to a woman.

Here are some tips to follow for men in order to impress their mistress!


Respecting Every Women

It can be perceived that you do not value women as a whole if you talk ill of women in your life, like an ex-girlfriend or boss. Of course, not everyone in their lives, women or otherwise, is going to have perfectly friendly encounters with people. Be aware, though, of how you talk about women in general.

Sexual Pleasure and Intimacy

Sexual activities aimed at pleasing your partner, not just yourself, are what your partners need you to provide. Sex should be a fun adventure that enables partners to explore and expand their sexual relationship. And not just a repetition of the same old one.Men need to abandon the myth of female sexual purity once and for all. Women enjoy sex with the right partner as much as a man.

Men, Be a Good Listener

This is really the foundation of all of the positive things that you can find on this list. The explanation is clear. If you want to know what your partner needs, you have to listen to them. In principle, being an intuitive and empathetic listener sounds good. But in reality, it can often be difficult to understand what it looks like. It means being present and able to observe the flow of a good conversation and respond to it.

Understand the term ‘consent’

No women want any men to make them feel unsafe. Therefore, it’s important to understand the enthusiasts of consent.And from there, as you explore the boundaries of your sexual relationship, remember that it will probably involve a series of conversations about what piques your interest, what doesn’t, what you’re comfortable with, and what you are not. No woman wants to date a man who makes her feel unsafe, hard stop. To move the relationship forward, use these conversations, and don’t clam up.

Men With Moral Integrity

Mutual respect is an all-or-nothing proposition. All bets are off once an individual loses respect for a partner. The same respect which men offer other men should be given to women. The relationship is likely to terminate sooner rather than later when a person is made to feel disrespected. In terms of partnerships, respect should be retained, even though you are frustrated by a partner.

Final Thoughts

Women need men to be feminist partners in their lives who want to see women excel every bit as much in their lives as they want to appreciate their own success.

Men should take time to understand and recognise the strengths of a woman and value her for all she brings to their relationship.

And when it comes to romantic interaction, women want the same things men want. They might want them in a different order.

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