When the one you love, leaves you….

When love leaves, it changes you in many more ways than just one. One some days, you miss them, you want them back. And on other days, you dreamlessly wonder what went wrong.

Many people are connected to receive love and trust from others. Basically, when others are happy they too are happy. But when someone you love, leaves you even though you had no fault, it hurts really bad. And, you keep on thinking what went wrong and you blame yourself for that because the fear-based part of our brain always makes us feel guilty whenever things go wrong. It feels like you have failed!

Having someone you deeply love and care about, if walks away from you can be very devastating and it’s even more worse if you were the “heart- centered” one in the relationship. You feel like it’s almost the end of the world and nothing ever feels the same! You even start hating yourself and you don’t give time for your own self. And that often leads to anxiety and depression.

When someone leaves you just like that, it’s very difficult to come to terms with such loss. It will take some time to first adjust your schedule without that person. Then, after several days, the reality kicks in. That person isn’t coming back to your life again even after your hundred efforts. And this is when you need to realise certain things to cope up with yourself and recover faster out of the trauma.

• Let it go..

The very first and foremost thing to do is to let it go. You gotta make peace with the fact that, he/she won’t come back in your life ever again. For your sake or for their own, the kindest and also the strongest thing you can do is to let go. And this is very important or else you’ll forever remain in the centre of despair which will only suck you worse with the passage of time.

When you let someone go, you’ll forever cherish the person and cherish those beautiful memories you have spent with them. It’s sure that you’ll crave for happiness that they brought in you. But when you let someone go, you also learn to be happy with or without them.

• Do not let the loss bring bitterness inside you.

When someone leaves you, it’s extremely important for you to remember that you should not let that vulnerability get into you to such extent that you are left alone in this world and it’s completely uncharacteristic of your true self. Indulge yourself in activities that you love or rediscover your old hobbies to spend some quality self time. Try going out with people who genuinely care about you and spend time with your loved ones.

• Learn your lesson

 When someone leaves you, because you loved and valued them more than they deserved, then it’s obviously time for you to cut some slack. Start pampering yourself and give yourself all the love you deserve. Concentrate on your growth and development and enhance your career by focusing on what’s good for you. Now, here’s your opportunity to mend your ways so that you don’t drive people crazy to the extent that they would rather leave you- even in the lurch.

• Remember, Every person you meet in your life is your teacher.

Learn to be strong and brave and always remember the fact that every person you meet in your life is your teacher. You gotta learn something from them. People don’t come in your life just like that, they teach you so many things. And each relationship is a divine assignment that teaches us about ourselves and life. When someone leaves you, It’s never accidental and that your contract is up! Also, stop settling for less than you deserve. Just go after the kind of relationship where you are respected, honoured and appreciated for the person you are!❤️

And finally, remember that relationships always teaches us important lessons where we are both students and teachers at the same time. We come together to help each other wake up, heal and grow!✨

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