When You Can’t Find Your Soulmate

Depending on how you go about it, finding your soulmate is an extremely hard or easy task. The journey can be stressful and heart wrenching for some people.And for others, it can be simple, warm and enjoyable. Your path is solely based on your mindset and how you want to connect with the world around you.

If you haven’t yet met your partner for life. Or you think you’ve found them, but you’re not sure, then take a look below at our guides.

If you see within yourself any of these traits, then you may find that your soulmate is nearby, but waiting for your inner change on the other hand.

So take a chill pill. Lie down on your cosy bed and get down to business…

YOU imagine fake images of your soulmate inside your head.

Creating a single picture (or a series of pictures) in your mind about who you want and why you want them is simple. This should, however, be heavily tempered with real people that you know and real qualities that you respect about them.

You should think that family and work life should be included in this. It does, however, include your emotional state too. What makes you feel safe and in charge and good? What personal characteristics of individuals make you feel this way? Now, to find the people in your life who make you feel that way, start looking around you.

You’re not in the right place.

Unless your passion is drinking or the intent of your soul has anything to do with coffee and pastries, your soulmate is not looking for you in bars and coffee shops. Your soulmate feels complete, and making a difference is out in the world. What are you enthusiastic about? Get out and do what gives you joy instead of waiting because your soulmate has the same passion and purpose.

In return, you don’t allow life to happen to you.

Often, if our lives go particularly well and feel especially under our control, let fear take over. For instance, if your world is not usually stable, but now it has been stable for a few days or weeks at a time, you can feel that your stability will last longer by exercising more control over your environment.

Shape a room of all the things in your mind that you have full power over (which do not involve other human beings). There are things that are closer to you and your inner world. Such as your personal wellbeing, your financial and banking skills, your work skills, and how you react to others.

You attract the wrong people unconsciously.

Your soulmate will be drawn to your authentic soul signal (a specific vibe that originates from your heart and soul and is unique to you). The problem is that layers of “not really you” energy are covered over and distorted. Almost everyone has repressed emotions because we have been conditioned to be nice, act happy, keep quiet, and maintain peace.


It is worth seeking soulmates to the ends of the planet. Only make sure that, in exchange, you are just as worth pursuing when you get there. One of the natural wonders of the universe is two similarly yoked soulmates.

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