10 Best Small Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

Nowadays, committed and enthusiastic women entrepreneurs can also be seen struggling when it comes to deciding the right business idea. For some, ideas flow freely but it never works. Whereas a majority of women entrepreneurs have almost vague ideas and that’s why they remain undiscovered or sometimes never fully explored.

If you wanna become a successful entrepreneur, the mantra to the road of success is the ideal business idea.

If you also want to become a self-employed woman but are not quite sure what type of business you want to start, then just remember that there lie a plethora of small scale businesses out there! You just need to be confident about yourself and always listen to your inner intuition and give it a try!

Here we have listed the 10 best small businesses you can consider to kick start your business start-up!

1.Social Media Influencer
2.Stock Trading
3.Interior Designer
4.Fitness Trainer or Zumba Instructor
5.Food service businesses
6.Cake making and other bakery business
7.Event Planner
8.Education Tutor
9.Sell on the Meesho app or on your own page
10.Freelance writer

Now, let’s discuss each of the businesses in detail so that you can make the right decision carefully.

#1.Social Media Influencer


Basically, Influencers in social media are the people who have built a reputation and have expertise on a specific topic such as beauty, wellness.. etc. Nowadays, we can see a lot of social media influencers emerging, and nevertheless, to say, most of them are women! There are a lot of women out there who use their knowledge and calibre in being a successful influencer. All they have to do is make regular posts, videos (also include lifestyle videos) about specific topics on their Youtube channel or via Instagram and generate large followings of engaged and enthusiastic viewers. And, if you become a successful influencer, you will also start getting Brand collabs and hence more money! So, what are you waiting for? If you have always thought of being popular and earn money, then surely give it a try!

#2.Stock Trading Business

Stock trading

Some women have already taken the femininity badge to the next level by emerging as successful traders. The term ‘Mother’ mostly shows us an image of a very loving and caring homemaker in our country. However, this image of the conventional mother has changed over the past few years. In recent times, we saw a surge in the number of ‘Working Women’ that grew drastically in our country. This scenario would have seemed probably impossible some years back. But times have changed and women in today’s generation are much more educated and enthusiastic in this particular field of stock trading. So, it definitely is a great idea to start your business with!

#3.Interior Designer


Interior designing is all about enhancing the indoor interiors to achieve an aesthetically peaceful ambiance. This profession kinda needs architectural plannings and ideas and must have inevitable knowledge of colors, fabrics, and furniture. And, basically, women have an interest in these creative things, so they can surely give this profession of being an interior designer a sure shot try.

#4.Fitness Trainer or Zumba Instructor


In India, fitness and bodybuilding had been largely dominated by men. But however, with more and more people becoming aware of how important it is to stay fit and fine, a lot of women are coming ahead as being a fitness trainer or a Zumba instructor. Breaking all the barriers, many fitness fanatic women are now engaging themselves as yoga instructors to help and teach yoga to the elderly as well as youngsters who are in search of peace. We can see a lot of fitness centers opening which provides aerobics and Zumba largely owned and taught by women. So, if you are really willing to start this business, you can go ahead with this superb idea!

#5.Food Service Business


With the saturation of the online food delivery industry, there’s been a noticeable degradation in the quality. So, nowadays a lot of homemakers are providing home cooked hygienic food to the people concerned about their health. If you are a great cook and want others to taste your finger-licking recipes, start your own food service business and give this idea a toll!

#6.Cake making and other Bakery business


So, with the onset of this pandemic and lockdown, there have been a lot of home kitchens blossoming all across the country, ranging from bakeries to a variety of different cuisines. Women, probably homemakers are now indulged in cake making businesses and making money by providing their handmade cakes and other confectionaries to people. It’s quite attractive and more relishing than those factory-made cakes. And hence most of the customers are now preferring handmade cakes and other bakery items from local women chefs.

#7.Event Planner business


Event management is a fascinating career option for both men and women. It is fun and also provides excellent opportunities for career enhancement. According to a recent PCMA study, the majority of event managers are female. And hence it’s a brilliant career option for women to kick-start with!

#8.Education Tutor


Women wanting to have a successful career along with hefty pay with their adequate education qualifications can always go for tutoring students. It’s always a joy-giving knowledge to someone.  And by teaching, you can get utmost respect from your disciples and inner peace. You can start by tutoring small kids in your locality by contributing your free time. And thereafter, as your growth expands, you can open a coaching center and appoint some other teachers under you and make this business a super hit!

#9. Sell on the Meesho app or on your own page


Meesho is a platform where anyone can open an online shop. Even though it sounds like a bit complicated thing to do, but in reality, it’s quite simple and straightforward. All you have to do is find good deals on products from your local physical stores and resell them either on the Meesho app or on any of your own shopping pages on Instagram. Obviously, you can get profit from the considerate margin value. Hence, it’s a great career option for homemakers who want to do business sitting inside their house!

#10.Freelance Writer


Nowadays, there’s the hype all over the country – Freelancing! And, guess what? It has feminism writ and knowledge all over it! Freelance writing jobs in India are kinda godsend to many women, who can put their education to good use, and avail good pay just by sitting in their own house comfort!

  • Conclusion

Getting ahead in your career comes through your own extensive will, learning and developing along the way. So, therefore take advantage of every opportunity to learn different things and try to turn the challenging experiences into learning experiences. So, you should first look at your passion and then focus on your skills and then enjoy doing what you love! Match your skill or passion with any one of the above-mentioned points to create the opportunity that is best for you. Being your own boss gives you the freedom of choice and the ability to fulfill your own commitments!

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