10 habits to start doing for yourself!

Many of us are keeping back our happiness and aspirations  and habits for another day, when the fact is that life is happening right now.

 Today is the day that you want to make meaningful changes by implementing some habits in your routine.

Successful people realise the value of taking care of themselves first, and don’t let their lives get too off track that they aren’t continually changing. To be the best version of yourself, because let’s be frank, you owe it to yourself and to those around you; we could all use a little change.

Want to know where you should start?

Well, here are some simple habits that are easy to implement and could improve your lifestyle!

Plan your life around happiness.

Happiness may seem like an abstract idea of this kind. After all, you don’t exactly have a tangible way to build a better existence with a Hallmark card or a chocolate wrapper.

In reality, you can home in and restructure your life around what happiness means to you. They recommend that you journal it regularly instead of only abstractly seeking happiness.

Create a Vision for your life

Be specific about your goal. What drives you crazy and what you want for your love life, relationships, job, finances, lifestyle, well-being and personal development. Plan out every dream of yours and try to work accordingly.


Listen to your instincts and heart.

Your heart is the key to the meaning of your life and it will give you knowledge. And also, it gives direction that your mind does not understand. And, always listen to your instincts.

Meditation: one of the best habits!

Studies have shown that meditation can help to alleviate anxiety and depression, improve awareness and memory, increase your empathy for others, and strengthen your immune system.

It is entirely up to you how and when you meditate; do what fits with your schedule. And what you are most likely to be able to build into a routine (remember, the easier the assignment, the simpler it is to make it a habit)

Forgiveness: Yet another best habits to have!

Let go of unhealthy grudges that leave you saddled with rage and bitterness when it comes to people who don’t really contribute something meaningful to your life. Know that people have their own complex reasons to behave in the manner they do and resolve to live their own lives happily and without resentment (sometimes harmful). Also, don’t forget to forgive yourself!

Embrace what you have

You’re in better shape than many people in the world if you have a healthy place to live, food on the table and enough resources to survive. Take a moment to feel thankful for the riches that you have in life already. Plus, note that it can only help you draw more by being mindful of this positivity!

Face your problems and make it a habit

Take a deep breath when you have a dilemma and look straight at it. Start creating thoughts that will help you handle it. You will finally arrive at a solution if you take incremental steps to solve a problem. And you will have learnt important lessons from your challenges.

Live in the Present

We always exist in the past or the future. We are always so wrapped up in what has happened, or what could happen, that we lose sight of what is going on. Use your senses to become present: feeling, hearing, seeing, tasting, and touching. Start living where life actually takes place: here and now. No matter how trivial it might sound, say yes to what you are doing.

Start trusting in yourself

The one with yourself must be fuelled, nurtured, and taken care of, just like any other relationship. When you feel interested, fascinated, or excited about something, trust that for a cause it’s happening. When you get red flags about an individual or situation, trust that for a reason it’s also happening. Start acting like you fully trust yourself.

Take baby steps towards the kind of life you wish for!

You have to start walking in that direction in order to get to where you want to be. Don’t see it as a sprint, but rather as a marathon. Don’t overwhelm yourself by setting too big objectives or expecting perfect stuff. Instead, pick one or three items from the list to concentrate on. Then move into another area until you feel comfortable with one area. Know that consistency beats intensity.

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