Challenges and family issues faced by Women in India

In a diverse country like India, women are given the status of a goddess. But in the other hand, the problems they face just show the opposite of this concept.

On one side they worship them as goddesses but on the other side, women get abused endlessly based on many factors. In India, women face a lot of issues right from the moment they take birth as a girl child.

Till now, in many backward areas of India, giving birth to a girl child is faced upon criticism. People evolved and so did the problems, they did not go away but rather changed from one to another.

In the early years, there were severe issues that women faced.

Some of them were Sati system, no widow remarriage, child marriage, devadasi system and much more.

While most of them are not prevalent now, there are new issues that women face. Well they are not same, but the intensity of these issues are worth considering for. They hinder the growth of a country and make the women feel inferior.

First and the very foremost issue that women nowadays face in India is Domestic Violence.

It’s a very grave problem that women go through but are not so vocal about it in front of people. It is happening more often than you could ever imagine. But women hesitate to speak up about this due to family pressure and are also concerned about their “izzat” and “lihas”. So they prefer not to disclose this issue outside their homes.

Coming up next, we have gender discrimination issues. This is a fact well known to human mankind since time immemorial.

Women are not given the same status as men, they are never considered equal to men in India.

Women face discrimination in almost every place, whether it be their work place, their school or college or even in their house, they don’t get equal opportunities as their male sibling. This patriarchy dictate’s a woman’s life unjustly.

Also, due to the lack of female education, women are considered inferior to men.

Moreover, women do not get equal pay as men for doing the same work. And on top of that, women get harassed and are exploited in their work place.

Next problem that most of the women in India face is Dowry.

The problem of dowry has become a serious social evil among both upper castes as well as middle classes in towns and in villages. In India, and particularly in Delhi and other metropolis, dowry murders and suicides have become a matter of great concern. You will be shocked to know that in Delhi alone, a bride is burnt to death in every twelve hours. A total of 162 cases of burning of women were reported in Delhi between 1 April and 30 June.

The biggest and the most threatening issue that women face is Sexual Violence. India is quite a dangerous place for women to be in. Here, men have raped seven year old baby as well as a 100 year old woman.

And then, women are only blamed for getting raped. They are blamed for wearing short dresses, they are blamed for getting home late, they are blamed for going to late night parties and what not! This seriously needs to change and Indians must deflect the discourse from women to the real problem: men.


We all must come together as one to fight these evil issues faced by women which are still prevalent in our country. Every citizen and government must try to make it a place safe for women. They must make more stringent laws against people who commit crimes against women.

Furthermore, opportunities must be provided equally for men and women. And, women must be encouraged to give their best in every field. It does not matter whether it is the medical field or sports field, opportunities should be equal for both men and women.

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