Ego: The dilemma with today’s youth

People in the world are quite passionate about rapid growth of technological trends and advancements in their lifestyle. Ego is the feeling that differentiates the individual within the society.

With the advent of social media in everyone’s lives, there has been a spike in the ego of youth across the world. And not just India. It’s a negative shade. Something that is affecting the lives of so many youth around us, and yet most of us are blind of its ill effects.

The truth remains that we are all equal, leaving aside the disparities defined by society. Despite economic or discriminatory disparities we are all born equal, and that we are all going to die as equal. So, what is the ego that today’s youth have? It ruins the relationships we share with our colleagues, fractures friendships and even damages families sometimes. People are obsessed with preserving their online appearance today. They relate this subjective and insignificant aspect of their lives.

Society has become so self-centered that people can only connect on a superficial level, leaving relationships to be broken.

Yeah, we do have those great friendships that have lasted for years. But apart from us, we still concentrate only on what that person can do for us rather than loving others for themselves initially.

It keeps you out of contact with reality. One of the main reasons why ego is your enemy. Your pride is what stops you from hearing others’ important yet necessary input. Ego allows you to overestimate your own skill and worth. And underestimates the commitment and capacity needed to achieve your objectives. All of this means that you lose contact with truth and miss chances to strengthen, interact with others and accomplish your objectives.

We have been so blinded by our own egos that we ignore everything around us and refuse to see that they are our greatest moments of our lives. We have always dreamt about what our future will look like and who will be there that we forget about the present moment.

Do not ever allow your ego and selfishness to have greater meaning than the friends and family that surround you with affection, to replicate their feelings to them so that they will not be superficial in your relationship.

People can be easily separated from this planet. So, challenge yourself to take care of each other more sincerely by respecting them for who they are. And not for what they can do for your status.

Concentrate on commitment rather than results


 You may have done everything you could to plan, and you may have performed your best very well. The effect of your efforts, however, might be negative. “Failure, disrespect, jealousy, or even a resounding yawn from the world.” We can only regulate our own behaviour, so we can not control what other people do.

Imagine, if we all lived life this way, how much more imaginative, productive, and energised we would be. If we can really control our own ego, imagine how rewarding our relationships with others can be. This is what we should aim for.

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