How To Remain Stress-free At Work

Stress related to work can get the best out of us all. It’s enough to make someone frazzled. It’s normal to feel some tension, especially if you’re facing a looming deadline or challenging task. Emails, messages, phones ringing off the hook, your co-worker dropping by for an impromptu meeting. But it can end up impacting both the physical and emotional well-being as work stress becomes chronic.

It could be true that you really enjoy your job once you are at work, but the travel conditions, unorganised style of work or your inability to manage time may make your job very difficult for you.

We have mentioned a few easy lifestyle changes here that will help you handle stress related to work and make your life really stress-free at work.


Drink plenty of water at work 

Ask yourself how many glasses of water you drink in a single day? You truly can’t remember. Currently, some people merely forget to drink water. To keep the temperature of the body normal, water is necessary. It also helps in urination, transpiration, and bowel movement to flush out the toxins and waste. Research shows that dehydration can affect the brain and cause problems with memory and loss of attention.

Listen to music on the way to office

You can listen in to some good calming music if you have a long commute to work and travel by car, bus or train. Research shows that to boost our mood, music can be viewed as therapy and can have its positive effects on mental health.

Eat healthy foods

When you see work piling up in front of you, it’s normal to get overwhelmed. Research has shown that we appear to crave fatty, sugary, calorie-rich food in stressful situations, and it’s not about physical hunger at all, it’s about the satisfaction we get from food. You have to choose and conquer your stress with some healthy foods that fulfil your appetite.

Take the stairs

A known type of vigorous physical activity is climbing stairs. Experts say that when you take the stairs rather than taking the lift, you burn 7 times more calories. This happens because you burn about 0.17 calories for every step that you ascend.

Accept and face the problems to avoid stress

Instead of cribbing, agree and search for a solution if you find yourself in a bad situation or if any of your actions have put you in trouble. It has a positive effect on your mind and consciousness as you embrace your challenges. It also allows you to face tougher circumstances in the future.

Concentration to accomplish stress

The slogan of your life should be ‘Concentrate and stay focused.’ You are able to do more and in a successful way when you are focused on your job. Reflect on the job you are doing and give it your best. It helps to achieve the job quicker and in an effective manner. Therefore, always keep focused on the objectives that you want to accomplish.

Remember to breathe

Do not forget to breathe at a stressful moment. It sounds a bit stupid, but people usually take shallow breaths. But it will help to calm down and reduce your negative physical responses to stress by closing your eyes and breathing deeply and letting your breath out slowly. It can also help you to manage your response to a stressful situation that could otherwise become more stressful.


And, most obviously, remember to try to keep your work in perspective. Often, I remind myself that I’m not conducting brain surgery when I feel my heart rate spike at work, that no one is going to die because I didn’t finish anything. In those times, it gives me the pause I need to take a deep breath and calm down to consider an issue far bigger than whatever triggers my current stress.

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