Sexual Violence faced by Women in India

Sexual violence in India has become quite a major issue. The country has seen some of the very brutal rapes in the past few years which resulted in public protests and outcry on the streets.

India is seriously a dangerous place to be in for a woman.

Even after around 70 years of independence, the women in this country don’t feel independent and safe. Men here have raped babies as well as old women. It’s completely not safe for a girl to even step out from the house after 9pm. They are told how to dress to avoid being “slut shamed”.

According to the latest research, about four women are raped every hour in this country. And very few find the courage to report to the police that they have been sexually violated. And within these few reports, only a handful of cases come in front of the media. A very large proportion of rape cases are still unknown to us. And these go unreported because of shame and fear of the victim as well as the ignorance of the police.

A majority of  sexual violence cases are often perpetrated by persons known to the victim, including family members and neighbours.

And reporting these also invites to a lot of problems. And that’s the reason why usually victims stay silent and remain under trauma. For the very few brave women who overcome this social assault end up either getting tortured and even killed.

Recently, a 23 year old woman from Uttar Pradesh succumbed to injuries after five men, including the rape accused, chased her down and burnt her alive as she was on her way to meet the lawyers. This is not the first time we are hearing such incident. Such heart wrenching news and incidents are always on the go.


Sexual Violence against women is so deeply rooted in our country that such teaching should be prioritised as much as basic reading and writing skills.

We should stop taking sexually offensive banter lightly, because it leads to de sensitisation. Which then starts casually and eventually normalises sexual violence.

And most importantly, people need to stop blaming women dressing style because that does nothing to make India a safer country. Men have raped women who wore salwar kameez and even raped women who wore short dresses.
In the meantime, the most immediate solution is to set up a special law that deals with sexual offences especially in rural areas. Because in rural India there are more such cases but they don’t get reported.

The government must set up a special unit consisting of trained officers to specifically deal with sexual offences. And also create easy access to doctors, rape survivors and psychologists, so this will help victims feel confident in coming forward to seek justice.

Now, let us look at some harsh truths India:-

Women in India have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. And the report further reveals that 6 percent women in the age group 15-30 have experienced sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.
About 30 percent of married women have experienced sexual and emotional violence by their own husbands.


India’s average rate of reported rape cases is about 7% per 100,000 of the population, with Delhi being the highest in reporting rapes.

And about 95% of sexual violence go unreported.

Domestic violence is one of the most prevalent form of violence against women in India. And only a very few brave ones have the courage to report these cases.


Globally, one in every three women experience either intimate partner violence or family member involving in sexual violence during their lifetime.



India is a deeply patriarchal society. It is this mindset that India and the world – sexual violence is rampant in societies across the world need to destroy to fight sexual violence. It is time for a systematic change in social and patriarchal attitudes to eradicate this social evil.

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