The Engrossing Evolution of Indian Dressing of Women

From saree and salwar kameez to off-shoulder tops and high-street dressing, Indian women fashion has undergone significant transformation throughout in the decades.

“The first impression is the last impression. So as to make a good impression on others, you need to dress-up perfectly for that!”

India is the second largest textile and garment exporter in the World. And like all major fields, Indian fashion and clothing too have seen a lot of highs and lows and the fashion we see today is totally transformed than what we started with.
Indian fashion is as old as Indus valley civilisation with a mix of regional, cultural and historic influences.

Vintage trends like bell-bottoms, frills, trousers are once again back in today’s dressing generation.

Thus, from this we conclude that trends in India as well as anywhere else in world always repeats itself. Within a decade or more it ,brings back the vintage twists to the current fashion trend!

We have been learning this from primary school days that, India is a diverse country. Different languages, different cuisines, different cultures and different clothing fashion. This particularly depends on cultural fashion in India. We can find different traditional attires in different parts of our country. The saree is mostly prevalent in our country but it is worn in different styles. In Punjab and Haryana, the traditional attire of women is Salwar kameez. Whereas in north-east India, women wear long ethnic gowns. But the modern day fashion or we can say, the western fashion in India is almost same for all the states.

One-piece frocks, jeans, off-shoulder tops, cold-shoulder tops, shorts, mini-skirts etc. are nowadays worn by many teenagers residing in towns and cities of India all inspired from western culture.

Whether it be the versatile saree, the humble salwar kameez, or the Indo-western fusion of wearing kurta with jeans. Many Indian women have managed to adapt various new trends in fashionable clothing apparel without compromising the beauty of Indian tradition.

The Indian fashion Industry has many talented fashion designers who have made their mark both in India and global market with their unique creations and generic styles. The market for women’s fashion in India is probably the most lucrative and magnanimous in terms of variety, styles and scope. Even international brands have begun to focus on the immense potential growth in this segment.

The flourishing Bollywood Industry plays a very important key role in transforming  Indian women dressing.

While in the early years of 1960s, the then Bollywood heroines brought in the Era of heavy oxidised jewellery and intricate embroidered sarees. Followed by in 1980s, it brought a sense of experimentation with bright colours, polka dots, bell-bottoms and parallel pants. The subsequent decades brought more and more modernised and western outfits in Bollywood inspired from Hollywood. Women in India didn’t shy away from wearing bikinis in Bollywood and making bold and stylish choices.

The 2000s Era saw a lot more bold and sensual clothing by leading actresses. It reflects the fact that Indian women had begun to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.

And with the Emergence of Online shopping sites in India around 2010 onwards. We saw gigantic waves of blooming fashion among youngsters as well as women of older age. Now in every household there’s always 2-3 shopping sites like Myntra, Amazon, already installed in their smartphones.


Irrespective of how Indian women dress up, one thing is crystal clear. They are now more confident, smart and independent women who believe they can achieve anything in life once they wish to and what they wear definitely reflects that!

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