The Yoga Lifestyle: Living Purposefully

Yoga is a lifestyle. It extends well beyond our courses and works out gatherings, and extends into every aspect. For ourselves as well as for the world around us, the yogic lifestyle is extremely beneficial.

If we all take the pledge to make a few changes to follow the yoga lifestyle in these times of environmental crisis, we will make the planet a better place.

It was very different from how we see it, the ancient Indian approach to yoga. Not only was yoga a part of life; it was a way of living. It didn’t end with a session, but it influenced daily lives. Just one element of the Yogic Lifestyle is the asanas and breathing exercises.

Ways to implement the yoga lifestyle:-

Stretch and Wake Up

Wake up every morning and stretch in order to be at your best! After a night’s sleep, nothing feels better than lengthening your tight muscles to relieve the stiffness in your body. Breathing is one of the key components of stretching. Focusing on the breath will alleviate tension and have a wonderful soothing effect on you with deep inhales and exhales.

Make safe, natural food choices for a good yoga lifestyle

There is a positive impact of practising yoga on your body. You will be motivated by yoga class to stretch and strengthen your muscles. It gives you the space you need to listen and go inside your body. And, that’s why being physically prepared for each class is super necessary in order to make the most of it!


Meditation nurtures a safe, yogic way of life. Research suggests that, relative to those who have never meditated, people who meditate frequently have better preserved brains. Participants who had meditated for an average of 20 years in one study reportedly had more quantity of grey matter in the brain relative to younger meditators!

Proper Hydration

A perfect way to start the day is to drink water first thing in the morning! You produce more oxygenated blood that stimulates red blood cell formation. And, that provides you with resources! An improved metabolic rate is another advantage of remaining hydrated. And drinking water on an empty stomach clears your body of toxins that keep your skin healthy. This means that the body will burn calories more quickly.

Be Faithful and Truthful

An important part of living a yogic lifestyle is being frank with yourself and other individuals. And, it’s also a big step in your spiritual path! You’ll be encouraged to accept the reality of everything as you live a yogic lifestyle. So, even though it may be the quickest way out of an awkward situation, do your best not to lie to anyone.

For our own well being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, this lifestyle is highly beneficial as it allows us to be better people.

Embrace Your Inner Self By engaging in Yoga

You will finally be able to break free from your destructive thinking habits by living a yogic lifestyle. It’s beautiful and liberating to live a yogic life to soothe the constant voice in your head and relax in yourself!

And taking a yoga class or doing a daily sadhana (home yoga practise) helps keep the quality of life peaceful and harmonious.


Choosing the yoga lifestyle helps you to introduce a few little intentional changes in your daily life. Such improvements go a long way to improving our health. This also improves our mental health. We become better human beings who care not just for ourselves but also about others by creating a spiritual bond and making deliberate choices.

It is considerate of the earth as well.

We can make a real difference if we all try to follow the yoga lifestyle in the face of the current environmental conditions and climate change.

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