Traveling: A route to escape from reality

If truth is everyday life, then yes, traveling is a way to avoid it. Hey, so what! Who doesn’t want the same routine for a break?

Recently, for almost all, life has become very hard, feelings of fear, confusion, fused into our everyday routine, where the future seems unpredictable. Another factor that characterises this unusual moment, is social isolation. The sense of being far away from friends and family, not being able to visit them, leaves us with a feeling of frustration and impotence. And that’s why people prefer traveling to escape reality.

The reality is that where life seems to escape us is this daily grind. A perfect way to break the monotony and put back our love of life is to travel.

Most of us are running away from reality, although there are 2 different kinds of people:

Some are dreamers who run away from society hoping to find an escape somewhere else. Or to find a response that tells them that life doesn’t have to be the way people force it to be.

Some have restless souls trying to find happiness. In external things such as adventure and experiences. In other words, they are trying to escape from who they are right now, hoping to change.

We are not meant for monotony

Our ancestors didn’t sit every day in the same office building, travel to work in the same car along the same paths, and go home every night to the same bed. It was a surprise and a blessing each day. Sure, there was a ridiculous amount of danger every day too.

And the nomadic life wasn’t very long, but it was fascinating every day!


How Traveling helps us in escaping reality

Travel brings us new experiences, memories, and also leads our path to self-discovery.By remaining in the same place doing the same things, few individuals even alter or make memories. Travel exposes us to new challenges, new environments, and new individuals.

You’ll know what it means now when you hear the expression “traveling broadens the mind”!

In this aspect, running away, looking for something new in life is important for you to change. And also grow and not get trapped in a current situation.

It’s really going in the right direction. But there are still many individuals caught in the old mentality of how you were only allowed to travel for one gap year. And then you have to come home and get a ‘real’ job and a ‘real’ life.

Today, we are much more open to open-ended travel, long-term independence, independent travel, and you will also see more parents taking their children out of school to travel, which I think is a brilliant idea!


If you don’t take any action now to turn your life around, chances are that for the rest of your days, you’ll live the same routine.

Life may be unpredictable for you now, but you are capable of taking charge of your life again.


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