Ways To Deal With Frenemies Like a Boss!

As a result of a close mutual friend group or a long relationship with a person you can’t seem to avoid, you might have acquired a frenemy. Frenemies are the individuals in your life that behave as if they were your mate, but on more than an occasional basis do some strangely enemy-like stuff to you.

Deal with your frenemies by either choosing to let go of your friendships with them or keeping them.

The good news is that it is not important to accept any relationship that does not make us feel good or contributes to our well-being. We may exercise our right to restrict or completely eliminate these relationships. Doing so can be inspiring and amazing.

Well, here are some ways on how to deal with these frenemies like a boss!

Just say a simple NO

Only say no. When you’re invited to something where the person is involved and you don’t want to see them, decline politely. A plain “Thank you, but I can’t make it,” will be enough. As much as you like, you are allowed to do this! You also don’t need to offer an interpretation.

Talk kindly to others about your frenemies.

It does not mean cutting someone out of your life and then talking trash behind his or her back. Disconnecting with love. “If in conversation the person in question arises, you can change the subject or say something brief, honest and kind, “Yes, I haven’t seen her in a while… I hope she’s doing well.

Don’t specifically tell them that they’re frenemies.

If it is a partner, a member of the family or a known good friend who has changed mysteriously, do not confront them directly.
Often, direct talk is beneficial, but most of the time, it is counterproductive.

What’s likely to happen is this: they’re going to deny their games and jealousy and they’re going to hate you more.

Get your act done

If, with their gossiping, they hurt you and you can’t get rid of them, it can be beneficial to play them.
Feed them somewhat bad news about yourself in order not to make them too jealous as you continue to focus on building your political influence and going forward in life in the meantime.

It’ll be fast and deadly when you’re able to step on and get rid of them.

Learn the lesson which your frenemies gave to you!

Recognise what your friendship has taught you. Have you stayed in honesty, getting your friend’s back, even though in the end she turned on you? You might not have been as good of a friend as you should be, and now in your next friendship, you know what to do differently. Mind the fun times you had together, too. There’s no reason for those memories to be ruined just because you’re not going to be friends forever. Most friendships have a shelf life and very few last forever.

Always remember that YOU come first.

Nobody will treat you with love or respect until and unless you reciprocate the same amount of respect. One of the first ways to do this is to publish non-supporting relationships! Then relax, breathe and enjoy being in control of your world and your life. Don’t waste a second feeling bad about putting a really important person first: you.

Final words

Without extra drama being brought about by taxing relationships with our friends and family, life is difficult enough. It’s your life and a precious time for you. You are entirely entitled to restrict the degree to which you are subjected to it if a relationship is not helping you and does not make you feel comfortable.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the person involved or that you will never stop taking care of him or her.

It just means that your closeness will decrease. And that’s completely FINE.


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