Ways To Move On From Your Daunting Past

Still dwelling in your past? But only if you want to be free, only if you want to understand the open-heartedness and enthusiasm for life that comes with making peace with the past.

As you probably know, events from the past sometimes have a mind of their own. When all you want is for them to vanish, memories keep recirculating. You’re a lot more emotionally reactive than you know you’re good at.

Live in the present

Embracing the present is one of the most powerful ways of letting go of the past. Keep yourself engaged and enjoy the present moment, instead of reliving the past and being overwhelmed by negativity. Learn new skills. Meditate, workout, have dinner with your friends. Make a new friend. Live in the moment, whatever it is, even if it’s just sitting at your desk and watching the clouds roll by.

Forgive those people who have hurt you in the past, including Yourself!

If someone has hurt you, the last thing you would want to do is forgive them. It is necessary for spiritual growth to forgive others.” While you’re at it, forgive yourself.” Nobody is flawless, and all of us make mistakes. Cut yourself some slack instead of kicking yourself for your past failures and reflect on the lessons you’ve learnt.
Then only you’ll be able to throw back the resentment and negativity of the past and move on!

Avoid pointing fingers on anyone

It’s easy to play the victim’s role and often feels pretty good, especially compared to accepting the facts. The thing is, it stops you from moving forward by accusing others. Most frequently, pointing fingers is just complaining.”When we blame, we enter the negative zone automatically.” We loathe anyone else because we have not been able to form life for our own good.

Learn from the past, but don’t live in it.

Yes. No matter how traumatic they are, those unpleasant experiences you have had can actually be used for learning and future experiences. Take the time to think about the experience and see if it will potentially support you down the road.

Let it go. And make peace with your past.

You owe yourself peace when you let go.
It is all torturous about holding on. It’s all an exercise in pain, you regret, you feel humiliated and guilty, you rehash, you obsess. The only way to feel peace is to quiet the thoughts that threaten it. Letting go opens you up to new possibilities. You are less open to giving and receiving anything else when you hold onto something.

Set your goals for the future

Setting expectations for the future is one of the most important ways that you can forget about the bad things that have happened in the past. You need to accept the fact that it is not the end of the world and that you have maximum potential in life to do greater things. In the future, start imagining yourself doing big stuff, going to school, having the work of your dreams, starting a new company or finding your soulmate.

Final Thoughts

If you are still worried about your past, you can not move on. Can you imagine a track competitor trying to run with a heavy backpack in a 100 m dash? Yes, he’s most likely going to finish the race, but at the appointed time we were supposed to, he’s not going to finish it. Many of us are ready to run our race, we’re ready to shoot for the stars, but there is one thing we need to do first. We need to drop this backpack full of guilt, sorrow, misfortune, mistakes, loss, broken hearts, grudges, etc.

I promise you, when you lower the backpack, that your race will be much easier to run in your life.

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