Are you happy with your relationship?

Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Aren’t things moving quickly enough? Will you want to see your partner every night of the week, but their schedule for work and school means that they can only see you twice a week or so?

Relationship stuffs are complex and it can be hard to say what’s behind it and what needs to improve when you’re unhappy.

Often it’s as simple as opening up your issues to your partner. While other times it might be important to shift partners or roll solo in order to get your mind straight.

It can be hard to say whether you are unhappy in your relationship, or just unhappy in general, when you are in the thick of things (in which case, a relationship may be just the cure you need).

There are signs of an unhappy relationship that could make you feel trapped:

You’re not comfortable being yourself in this relationship.

Do you recall all the stuff you figured out about yourself when you first got together? The way you felt when you met your partner that made you fall in love with him or her in the first place.

It’s not the end of the world if they don’t make you feel that way anymore. If your partner makes you unhappy with being you, then you are just weighed down by her or her. It’s up to you to decide how it should be done.

It is important for you to be happy with who you are. If you’re not made to feel good about yourself by the person who supposedly loves you, realise that you can do better. They aren’t one in a billion either.

You are afraid of dedication and commitment in your relationship.

Commitment is meaningful. People are going to come up with a million ways to justify why they can not be committed.

If, after some time, you are not ready for one or the other, don’t waste your precious life on the relationship anymore. All that propels you forward should be your friendship. Make it an open relationship if it’s not going anywhere and call it what it is, dating many people.

You’re dreaming of a happier life without your partner.

It’s a sign that you don’t like being with your partner. And you’re in the wrong relationship if all you’re doing is imagining a happier life without your partner. You are miserable and need to get out of here.

Before you have your heart broken by the facts of life, love and the pursuit of human achievement, try to recall what you dreamed of.

Do you recall crushing on the cute kid in class? The way life should be, you can secretly imagine marrying him or her and going on an adventure.

You resent your partner rather than loving him.

You tend to hate your partner and all the things you once enjoyed about him or her when a relationship begins to collapse. From the point of view of your mate, your annoyance with them is taken up as bashing them for being who they are.

You’re chasing past emotions.

Reminiscing about the past is all right. But if all you do is wish things were as they used to be, it’s a sign that you’re not on the right road.

Save your relationship

Happy relationships require patience as well as commitment. If you feel trapped in your present relationship, it’s time to reflect with your partner about it.

Don’t disregard these symptoms of an unhealthy relationship as they will slowly go worse and hurt both of you.


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