Break or a Break-up? Here’s how they are different!

Taking a break and breaking up may seem essentially the same thing, but they are quite distinct in reality.

In a relationship where you start to have questions about whether or not you really want to continue being in that relationship, it’s not unusual to get to the point. If you have been battling a lot, exhausted with work, or just begun to grow apart, determining what your next step would be might take you to a crossroads where you have to choose between taking a break and breaking up.

Most couples who decide to call it quits usually do so because they no longer feel that the advantages of being in that particular relationship outweigh the freedoms of being single.

There is usually no intention of continuing the relationship further when you decide to break up with anyone.

A break in a relationship is different altogether.

Often people take relationship breaks because the relationship is not going well. Or because someone else has become romantically involved in one of the parties. In addition, a break is also limited to a given period of time, such as two weeks or a month.

A break is not a breakup. It’s a break from the other person.  A time to think throughout the thought cycle without having to be around the other person.

Since a break is not a divorce, it is not a process that changes the relationship’s underlying rules. If the relationship has been exclusive or monogamous, then during the break it is still exclusive.

None of the relationship’s rules change during a break. Except that you do not see the other person for the agreed-upon period of time. Each individual has time to consider whether the relationship should continue. But they do not go out to test the waters and see if the sea has better fish. They don’t lie, and by spreading bad rumours, they don’t backstab the other guy.

You are putting your partnership through a final test when you take a break.

Without your partner and without the friendship, you are trying to see what life will be like.Big responsibilities such as moving in together or marriage can be overwhelming for one or both of the partners in a lot of relationships. It could be a good idea to take a break from each other if you have cold feet. And find out if this relationship is something you really want.

On the other side, a split will also help clear your mind. If you are not really prepared for this form of relationship or if your partner is not right for you. And it will give you the courage to break up with your partner if you are sure they are not the right person for you.

Asking your partner to take a break is never a good idea. Whether you want to get the upper hand in an argument or you want to show your partner that you should break up. The truth is, most breaks usually end in a breakup. And if you try to take a break, there is a fair possibility that you’re going to breakup.

The lovers will need to get together after the split is over to discuss whether they can save the relationship. The partnership continues if they can. If not, a true breakup can occur. But a crucial step before things can move forward and before the relationship can either continue or cease to be is this latter stage of sitting down to discuss the relationship.

Taking a relationship split doesn’t mean breaking a relationship.

Much like what it says, it’s only a split. A break that allows you and your partner to have space for your thoughts and feelings to reflect. And to think with or without your partner about your future.

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