Cons of An Instant Relationship: How to Slow Down

Relationships are not intended to be lived super briefly and are not meant to grow up very quickly. You build an instant relationship when that happens, and I think we can all agree that something instant is not as good as the real thing.

You end up in an instant relationship if you’re someone who has a tendency to jump into things. Here’s how an Instant Relationship is terrifying.

After the first date, you feel like you are in a full-on relationship.

After the first date, you should never feel like you are already in a relationship. It can be quite early.

You should have just a vague idea of whether you want to try to have something with that person or not. It might be a sign of an instant partnership if you feel like you’re already together.

When you meet them, you ditch your friends.

This is a typical thing that individuals do when they get into an immediate partnership. They totally forget their lives and ditch all of their mates along the way. Not only is this terrible for your relationship, but also for your friendships. Make sure that you maintain relations with those who are nearest to you.

You involve in having sex right away.

Sex is something that can be hard to speak about, because you want to be fulfilled while your needs are strong. But when you hop into bed with someone before you even meet them, you can’t make a relationship work. If this is you, next time, try to slow things down.

When you’re not with them, you feel upset.

This is an immediate relationship’s true giveaway. It’s unhealthy and it won’t work out in the long run if you feel sad and even frustrated when they’re not around and you’ve only been together for a short time. Try to slow down and spend more time with friends and do stuff you love. Next, be comfortable on your own.

If you are characterized by the above signs, here’s how you can slow things down with the next person you’re dating so that you can really get to know them and improve your chances of a happy relationship.

Here’s how to make things slow down so that you can be comfortable in an instant relationship.


Start having deep conversations rather than making out.

Spend more of the time talking than kissing. Whenever you feel the urge to make out with them, pause instead and ask them a question. Instead of fantastic kisses, emphasis on having outstanding talks.

Give some time to know them well.

Do not allow yourself to be monogamous with anyone until you have dated them for two months. By the time you make a commitment, this timeline will ensure you know them very well. Before you claim yourself to be theirs, you would have seen them for a fair amount of time.

Stop having to spend the night when you’re in an instant relationship.

Spending your night with somebody binds you a lot more quickly than you do when you don’t. Therefore, spending the night will make it harder if you have trouble moving too quickly. Stop it until you are prepared to be with them in an official, long-lasting relationship.

Stick with your daily schedule rather than leaving everything for an instant relationship.

Don’t drop everything the moment they become available. If you’re trying to get rid of your regular life for them, you’re going to step just too quickly and it’s going to be unhealthy. When you are with someone else, you need to hold your life together.

Ask questions of importance that show who they are.

“Don’t just ask the classic, “What kind of colour is your favourite? “Over and over again, query. Nothing specific about them will tell you this. Ask genuine, insightful questions that make them think and show you who they really are.


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