Emotional Intimacy In Relationships

“Emotional intimacy can be stated as allowing you to connect more deeply with your partner through actions that express feelings, weakness and sense of confidence.”

In a romantic relationship, when we discuss intimacy, what usually comes to our mind are physical activities, such as holding hands, cuddling, kissing, and even sex. Although physical intimacy is central to any romantic partnership, cultivating emotional intimacy is just as, if not more, important as one of the primary factors that distinguishes it from any other form of relationship.

Why does it matter?

“Sharing secrets, talking about your relationship, and telling your partner important news are part of a relationship. When both sides can share and appreciate each other’s feelings, a couple is usually happier.


Ultimately, in your relationship, emotional intimacy provides a profound sense of security. And an ability to be completely yourself without feeling as though you are compromising the relationship itself.

A relationship fails in many ways without this intimacy. For example, you might feel resentful, hypersensitive, have doubts about the commitment of your partner to you, or experience feelings of isolation.

If there is a lack of emotional intimacy, [one or both of you] will feel a lack of protection, affection, encouragement, overall attachment. And it will also most likely affect a romantic relationship’s physical intimacy. Having an intimate relationship without emotional intimacy is not viable in the long term.

Ways to Build Emotional Intimacy


Show appreciation for the tiny stuffs

“It can also mean sharing your appreciation for all the little things they do each day. Try to say a simple “thank you” for things you usually take for granted. Expressing appreciation for your partner goes beyond just saying “I love you”. Maybe your partner remembered buying toothpaste. Or maybe they got out of bed to turn off the light you left on in the other room.

All of these tiny gestures are acts of care, and consciously remembering them will remind you both of how deep your bond goes.

Indulge in the passions of each other

It is vital in any relationship to cultivate your own individual interests. But showing interest and enthusiasm for the things your beloved loves can be just as important.

Does your partner, for instance, have a favourite book you’ve never read? Reading it will give you fresh insight into what makes your partner tick. And a perfect way to express love is to take the time to do so. It also gives you a shared experience to discuss. Or maybe your partner has a favourite hobby that you don’t know much about: hiking, playing guitar. You’ll get to explore a new side of your partner. Plus you might wind up with a fun new shared activity!

Change in Scenery

Visiting a new location together will shake up your relationship and give you a new sense of closeness. The most obvious way is a holiday together. But if a major trip is not in the cards right now, there are still many other ways you can reap the benefits of a change of scenery. Try to think about your own city or town the way a tourist could. There are museums, sites, or other sights that you have never seen.

Be mentally available

Couples eventually discover, after years together, what could harm their partners. Kind and caring partners who keep each other from suffering make each other feel loved, appreciated, and protected. Emotional intimacy finds its place when we make the world safe for our partners.


To restore intimacy to your most significant relationship, the first thing you must do is to increase the amount of time you spend together.

It’s not just the first thing you have to do, it’s the most important thing you have to do if you want to restore the sense of “us-ness.” But, when couples miss the closeness they once had and don’t feel loved, a lack of time together is a lack of time together.


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