Ghosting In A Relationship: What is it?

You’re in a relationship. Suddenly, and even without any warning whatsoever, your partner seems to have vanished. Then you’re a victim of ghosting.No calls, no text messages, no social media links, no replies to any of your messages. Odds are, because of a family emergency, your partner has not left town suddenly, and is not lying dead somewhere in a ditch.

But rather has actually ended the relationship without bothering to explain or even let you know. 

Are you a victim of ghosting?

There is no closure and sometimes deep feelings of confusion and fear for the person who is ghosted. Initially, you ask yourself, “What is going on?” The victim is left to wonder what went wrong in the relationship. What’s wrong with you and , what’s wrong with them, how you didn’t see this coming, when you know the other person has ended the relationship.

What to do if someone is ghosting you?

It hurts a lot. It’s a cruel rejection. It is especially painful because you are left with no excuse, no instructions on how to proceed, and always a pile of feelings to sort through on your own. If you suffer from any problems of abandonment or self-esteem,then they can be brought to the forefront by being ghosted.

People who have been ghosted are spending a few days in deep sorrow. Since the person has not received any response from him or her, they begin to feel low and devalue themselves. They think that before finishing anything, they don’t really deserve an explanation. It takes a long time for them to get over it and start things all over again.

Your ghoster is likely to appear on multiple types of social media in this era of ever-advancing technology. And, if that is the case, this person who is now physically gone from your life, is still very clear. So, how are you gonna move on?

After you avoid torturing yourself by looking through old images, saving old messages, new posts on social media, and everything else you think might give you an insight into your ghoster’s mind and current whereabouts. Try to come up with a new diversion. Most importantly, maybe, know that this really isn’t about you or something that you’ve done wrong.

You should know that if your ex chose the ghosting approach to break up with you, instead of suggesting that the problem lies with you, it probably tells you something about them and their shortcomings.

Impacts on the person who is ghosting

Ghosting not only affects the persons who are ghosted, but also has a negative effect on the person who is ghosting. Ghosting individuals are unable to interact with individuals correctly and have a long-term relationship. They get used, sort of, to avoiding confrontations and unpleasant circumstances.


Try to move on as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Keep your integrity and remain focused on your own wellbeing, happiness and future, leaving the ghoster in the sense of a relationship to cope with the ultimate consequences of their own immaturity and lack of bravery.

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