Hopeless romantics in today’s generation

In today’s world, hopeless romanticism or “Old school love” has a negative connotation and when most people hear this phrase they assume it’s given to those who believe in true love and give away their hearts to that “special someone” like they are worth nothing. Nowadays, it seems that hopeless romantics are those who put all their faith and trust in love are often considered to be silly dreamers. 


We look at hopeless romantics as if they are lost in some ocean of thoughts or some fairy tale kingdom that doesn’t even exist. So, is it that we no longer believe in true love? The answer to this is a bit complicated. Because, we already got hurt once and we don’t want to go through that phase in our life again. So we choose to be less serious and more casual.


And most of us have actually given up on love. That’s one of the darkest truths. People tend to get changed once their heartbreaks. 


But then, amidst all these things, there are still many of us who are hopeless romantics.

Let’s check out some of the signs of hopeless romantics!

  • When you are a hopeless romantic, you try to find meaning in every word they say. You read too much into the things people say and overthink that. You become like a poet who is drowned in showers of thoughts.
  • When you are a hopeless romantic, a small gesture or a compliment makes your day. And you keep thinking about it rather too much.
  • When you are a hopeless romantic, you get too excited when you’re meeting someone. Even a cup of coffee seems to be a great deal! You literally spend hours imagining scenarios inside your head. And probably thinking about every particular thing that can go right or wrong.

But when you’re a realist, you set your expectations low and keep your heart in lease.

  • If you’re a hopeless romantic, you love too quickly and get attached to people very fast. And if that person doesn’t feel the same way, then you are misunderstood to be clingy and creep.
  • But when you are a realist, you know that there are no perfect and people come and go and you understand that people just like any other thing come with an expiration date.

  • You are convinced that there is someone out there for you and you just wait for that “someone”.
  • But when you are a hopeless romantic, you can’t do casual dating or flings, you just blindly wait for that “one person”.
  • Hopeless romantics don’t believe in stereotypes, they believe in real connections.


  • When you are a typical hopeless romantic, people assume that you are naive. But when you’re being realistic, they assume realistic to accept waiting for texts and settling for someone we see through social media even without serious commitments. Nowadays, people are much more interested in casual dating and having flings rather than being in love with the same person throughout their whole life.


But then, love is what our whole world is centered around, isn’t it? So why not put our whole heart and efforts into it? Yes, we’ll get hurt, maybe it’s going to take a few trials before you find someone who feels the same way as you. I know, in fact, we all know that finding that “special someone” isn’t easy! 


But, In the end, LOVE actually matters a lot and we can’t seem to deny this fact! And it’s time we take a note from the hopeless romantics and start believing in love all over again!✨


Well, here’s the thing about hopeless romantics – there’s no right or wrong, you just love differently and that’s completely okay.

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