Revenge Dating in modern day relationships

Wanting to punish the person who is hurting you is a natural reaction.In this society, there is a myth that revenge offers your release from your frustration that will make you feel better and help you get over the relationship.

This pattern comes from the primitive portion of the brain, the cerebellum, which is wired for battle or flight. The two sides of the same coin are love and hate. So, when people get betrayed by their loved ones, they prefer taking revenge on their ex partner. And mostly they do this by dating someone else in order to make their ex partner jealous.

Not forgiving the people who hurt you contributes to:

  • More stress
  • Health conditions, including heart and cancer disorders
  • Adverse changes in blood pressure, stress in the muscles, and immune response

Why is revenge backfiring?

Since dwelling on your ex over and over again, obsessing with your wounds or vengeance just leads to more obsession and more anger.

You get more of whatever you concentrate on.

Don’t hurt yourself more by taking revenge.
So if you’re deeply hurt and raging, don’t hurt yourself more, and by taking revenge, don’t squander your resources. By focusing on forgiveness, give yourself peace and a new beginning.

Analyse the situation and avoid taking revenge.

Analyse your own bottom line as to how you were affected or damaged by him. He had my life destroyed. I will never trust or love you again. Another person can act horribly, but you are the one who has control over your own thoughts and responses. Ask yourself, “Is this really true?”

Become a better version of yourself.

To become a better person, make use of failure or crisis. Channel it into focusing on yourself, having a new wardrobe, facials, exercise, and simply changing your body if you are feeling angry. Thinking initially about how sorry he’s going to be when he sees how amazing you’ve become can be a spark for your rebirth. Learn to meditate, begin therapy or pray more. Transform the painful interaction into a gift for yourself!

Nothing is constant in life.

The final explanation for embracing grace, and perhaps most significant, is that life has a curious way of coming full circle. Over time, people alter, grow, and develop, and someone who is an enemy today will in the future become an ally.

YOU have been wasting valuable time.

Not to sound cliche, but it’s a short life! Do you really want your precious time to be wasted on someone who doesn’t deserve it? Instead of behaving like Mr. Burns and plotting, planning and concentrating your attention on the negative, think of all the fun stuff you might be doing.

If you are preoccupied with wreaking havoc, how do you make room for new, positive experiences?


Karma makes a far better friend than an enemy, whether you believe in it or not: make sure you remain on the right side of it.

DON’T give two wrongs a right.

It’s a Fact.

Seeking revenge will not erase the actions of the person who has wronged you.

So do the right thing, be the bigger person. In the long run, you’re going to be glad you did it.


So, you’re trying to take revenge on the person who has hurt you. Then they take vengeance upon your vengeance… and the cycle continues. Make sure you’re not stuck in a loop, it’s only going to cause you more pain and damage. Try to put the negativity and the people who in the past have taken you down. They are not worth your resources and time.

So, is revenge worthwhile? Oh, definitely not.

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