Signs You’re Trapped In A Time-Pass Relationship!

For all things that spell love and not time-pass, there has been a fetish that makes relationships a very, very important part of life. Because so many wonderful encounters have instilled in us the notion of love being genuine. Grandpa picking up the freshest flowers for his wife on his regular morning walk. Mom making dad’s favourite fish curry-love has made it into our lives with the most awestruck sense of beauty.

Yet not everyone is lucky enough in their lifetime to taste the bliss of true love. What we learn is trauma and heartbreak in the name of love as we step into adulthood and rush into relationships. Because the fear of being alone gets to us.

Because being in a time-pass relationship can be the worst mistake, it is important to know if all the efforts are worth your current relationship.


So,here are some signs that indicate you are stuck in a time-pass relationship and need to get the hell out of it as soon as possible!

#1. You’re the One Making Compromises

While relationships should not be the be-all and end-all of life, it is unavoidable that compromises should often be reached to maintain the connection. Because no two people share the exact same ideologies. It’s obvious that sometimes you need to find a middle way in your relationship to come full circle.

#2. You are clearly not loved, rather owned

When they claim appearances don’t matter in marriage, it might sound cliché. But this is literally true, if the relationship is one that just nurtures feelings and not superficiality. But anyone who considers you as a trophy partner they will just want to bask in the glory of ‘owning’ is certainly not with you because of love.

It is your looks and attractiveness that has them in a relationship that is purely time-pass.

#3. He’s never got time for you!

How many times have you heard individuals lament about a lack of relationship time together? While each of these may not stem from a lack of affection in the relationship. The apathy is obvious in some instances. Someone who really loves you will make efforts when the tide is not in favour of spending time with you. And, like they say, you’re never really occupied with someone who’s important enough for you.

#4. He doesn’t make you a Priority

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with chasing your individual dreams. But he’s clearly not as invested in the relationship as you are if the relationship is suffering because of it. You’re not ready for your own “happily ever after,” so why waste it in the relationship by remaining in it?

#5. He has no interest in making plans with you

If you feel like you’re pulling teeth by getting him to commit to anything that’s going on three days from now, it could be because he’s not sure he’ll want you around. Some people are busy and have a hard time making room for the people they’re dating. But if this guy can NEVER seriously offer you a clear answer on whether he can do anything with you next week or next month, keep your guard up.

Final thoughts

Over and above all signs that acknowledge you as being in a time-pass relationship, your own conscience is the thing that can give you a clear look at reality. You can tell more often than not when someone does not treat you correctly. Or does not give you the esteem and value you deserve.

If you feel something false, you should clear it out or let go of the relationship that does not allow you to live your life with dignity!

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