Surviving a Long Distance Relationship…

Love isn’t easy when the one you love is a thousand kilometres away. It’s a tough long distance, and sometimes, the,only hope you have.

Yet many people are of the view that long distance relationships can never work out. Even your family discourages it, and you might be cautioned by some of your peers not to take it too seriously if your heart gets broken. Nobody says it’s going to be simple and several things are unachievable because of the extra distance. Things might get complicated, and you might get miserable and sad, and lonely at times.

That extra distance, however, also makes the simplest things the sweetest.

Being able to hold the hand of the other person, eating together at the same table, feeling the touch of each other, walking together, smelling the hair of each other. In a long distance relationship, these small wishes could suddenly mean so much more.

Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but they also have surprises of their own.

Here are some tips to make your long distance relationship work in order to keep your love alive and strong:

• See this as a possibility!

“You first need to learn how to live apart if you want to live together.” See it as a journey of learning for both of you. See it as a test of your shared affection. As the Chinese saying goes, “Real gold is not afraid of the fire test.” Instead of thinking that this long-distance relationship pulls you two apart, you should assume that the two of you will be linked together even deeper through this experience.

Avoid circumstances that are “dangerous.”

If you already know that going to the club or going to drink late at night with your group of friends would displease your partner, then tell your partner in advance in order to persuade him or her.

 Don’t be reckless about this kind of thing because your partner is only going to be extra worried or extra suspicious, and really angry, of course, because you put him/her in a place where he/she feels weak or lacks co-power.

Do similar stuff.

Recommend each other books and novels, TV shows, movies, songs, news, etc. You get to have more subjects in common to chat about when you read, watch and listen to the same things. This is a positive thing, even though you live apart, to build some mutual experiences.

Have a goal in mind.

The reality is, no couple will forever be in a long-distance relationship. We just need to calm down eventually. Create a proposal for each other, then. Create up a timeline and draw an end target, marking the expected times apart and times together. It is important that you two are on the same page and have the same objectives. So, even though you don’t live in the same space and time zone, both of you are always inspired to work together in the same direction towards a future that includes one another.

Stay real and honest with each other.

Speak about your feelings of anxiety, insecurity, envy, disappointment, whatever. Sooner or later, if you want to keep something from your partner, the secret will swallow you from the inside out. Don’t try all by yourself to deal with things. With one another, be transparent and frank. Let your partner assist you and provide you with the support you need. During its initial phase, it is easier to look at the issue than to reveal it when it is too late.

Stay positive and optimistic.

To keep it alive, you need to be continuously pouring positive energy into the long-distance relationship. Yeah, waiting can be difficult and you can feel lonely sometimes. But you need to note that the fruits at the end are as sweet as heaven. To remain optimistic, one good trick is to be thankful all the time. Be happy for finding someone to love, someone who loves you back as well. Be grateful for the little stuff, like the hand-made letter that came in safely.

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