Things you should never tolerate in a Relationship

Have you ever thought like you have settled for less in your relationship, that you deserve better? Well, there’s no reason for you to settle for less than you deserve.

From today on, you will decide not to accept anything that brings you down or sucks the life out of you. Our time in this world is minimal, after all. You only live once, but once is enough if you live it correctly. Stop tolerating these things in your relationship starting now, live a happy and more meaningful life.

Disrespectful and using abusive language in a relationship.

A healthy relationship starts with respect for both people. You can never tolerate someone who calls you names, puts you down, or in some way makes you feel awkward. It doesn’t offer your partner the right to treat you with disrespect only because they can’t regulate their language, even though you’re having a heated dispute.

Over Protecting and Controlling Partner

If you have a partner who, without freaking out or worrying that you’re going to lose their confidence, can’t let you out of his or her sight, then this could certainly raise some red flags. You can never accept someone who feels the need to dominate your relationship and every aspect of your life.

FEELING like you’re not their ‘Priority’

Though outside of marriages, there are other important aspects of life. Your partner can prioritise you over other things. For instance, if he or she hangs out with friends more than you, that shows that they don’t take the engagement very seriously. Never accept someone who doesn’t take the time to make you feel special.

Unsupportive Partner

When it comes to your goals and aspirations, your partner can also support you 150 percent. You should never tolerate someone who gets jealous or tries to undermine your success. You will be encouraged and helped by a truly supportive partner every step of the way.


Negativity in relationship

A pessimistic outlook on life, and eventually a negative mind, can translate into negative thoughts. People who concentrate on the negative appear to have low motivation, blame their issues on others, and may not be the most fun and motivating people to stick around in general. Do not ever settle for someone who exhibits such negativity about life, in the process it will just pull you down.

A companion who is not listening

You should also feel comfortable listening to each other frankly and freely. If your partner talks about you frequently or makes you feel like your opinion or thoughts don’t matter, it means that he or she doesn’t really respect you as an individual. And in a relationship, you can never accept this form of action.


Your relationship should make you feel excited and happy about life. And not stifled, repressed, or unloved, whether it be romantic or not. Many people remain in unhappy relationships only because they fear being alone. Or cannot imagine their lives without the individual, even though they are no longer fully satisfied by their current situation.

In a relationship, everyone needs respect, consideration, and affection. But if you don’t feel like your partner gives you these, you may want to reconsider your relationship with him or her.

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